The Changeover: Cassandre Thebault

Maryland Athletics
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It's spring break!!!

We don't have class for the whole week, that's exciting!! We had two days off, Monday and Tuesday. We enjoyed these days with rest!! Overall on Monday, as it was snowing… That’s what we can call spring break…

On Tuesday, all the team went shopping at the outlets. We had to take a bus. We needed cash and the machine didn't give any change so we were preventing people from going on the bus because each of us was looking for money. We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory where the meals were huge. But they didn't stop anybody! We had good time there. And we came back very tired from the day.

On Wednesday, we had a fundraiser at Norbeck Country Club. Some of us played with some kids who even improved a little during the hour with us. And they wanted to challenge by playing a game. So our team was playing against the kids and we fortunately won, but it was not that easy. Later, some of us played with adults, while the others were socializing with the adults who were not playing. There was a good atmosphere and the adults were very competitive on the court 

On Thursday, we came back to practice, as we had group practice, Dasha decided that over the drills we would have to do, the group with more points would get a free dinner. It was very competitive. Congratulations to the first group! On Friday, we played some singles matches. It was my first one even at practice after around four months. I was so excited!

On Sunday, we left College Park early to go to Princeton for a match. We began the match not so well, but we won the double point. Then, the singles started. We lost the match 5-2. Three lost matches that went to the third set. Let’s be better this week!!