The Changeover: Alexandra Stanova

Maryland Athletics
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After our tough match at Virginia a week ago, we had our day off on Monday as usual. I think everybody used this day to study, as we had to prepare for our mid-term exams.  Almost the whole team had a Health exam. It is always nice when your teammates are sitting next to you. You can feel their support or at least you know you are not alone in that. After the day off we started to work hard to prepare for our upcoming matches against Clemson and Georgia Tech.

On Tuesday, the weather gave us an opportunity to practice outside, not to forget what this feeling is like. What is more, we got the best news that day. Our lovely Cass (or Cassandre) got cleared by the doctor. That means her leg is feeling good and we will be able to hear her loud "ALLEZ" on the court very very soon again. Everybody be ready, she is coming!

The weather was not good for the rest of the week, so we had to play our matches inside. On Friday, we had match against Clemson. Before the match we had team lunch and then we headed to the Tennis Center. Even though we lost on that day, everybody was trying hard and there were visible improvements.

On Saturday, we had our team practice to get ready for Sunday match against Georgia Tech. We were working on things that did not go very well on Friday.  The Next day, before the match we had breakfast at Plato's together. The match did not end up as we wanted, but there were several close matches. We have to learn from our losses this week and next time come up even stronger. We can't forget that we are turtles. We have power in our shells and we are going to show it to everybody!

Let's go Terps!