Postgame Quotes - #2 Maryland 10, #1 Duke 6

Maryland Athletics
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COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Postgame quotes following No. 2 Maryland's 10-6 win over No. 1 Duke at Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium.

Maryland Head Coach John Tillman

On if there is a philosophy this year of trying to have more shots on goal:
“I think you always play to your players and what you have. We lost some great players last year. I mean we don’t have the same top guys, but I do think if you look at from first to ten I think we have more depth. We have more guys that we feel like can play faster. I think they are a pretty diverse group. I think part of the problem for us right now is getting those guys healthy and then putting them in the right spot and getting them to play to their strengths. With some early injuries with Colin [Heacock] and Timmy [Rotanz] we haven’t been able to do that. We had some other injuries that the guys have played, but they haven’t really logged all the minutes that you want. I think for this game we did a good job of fighting our way out of it. It was not a very good start, but the guys hung together and we got better as the game went along. I think at times I think every team hopes they can win some guys where you don’t have your best stuff, but you do fall back on the things that [the players] mentioned; like teamwork, having each others back, fighting, and scrapping. They did a very good job offensively, but 31 [Niko Amato] in the goal bailed us out a lot today.”

On how they stepped up in the second half:
“Well I think getting halftime was good for us. I think settling down a little bit, we looked at some clears, making sure we were organized. We had some young guys in spots and just wanted to go over it again. We actually worked on the clears the past couple days knowing that might be a little bit of an issue. I think the guys got a chance to see that and we made better decisions. I think groundball wise, it’s just a matter of getting low and getting after it. Knowing that the other team was doing a better job, that forces you to either step up or step back and I think the guys did a better job. I give Duke a lot of credit, they were getting a lot of groundballs early, those 50-50 balls, and our guys responded well and continued to work and fight so I give these guys all the credit.”

On the leadership of the upperclassman:
“The good thing about this team is each week it’s somebody different, but there are obviously going to be constants. I mean with these three guys [Niko Amato, Mike Chanenchuk and Goran Murray] we know what we’re getting every week. It may not be a ton of saves from Niko because the defense has done a good job. I mean it may be Mike [Chanenchuk] getting a couple of assists and maybe not the goals, but I don’t think those guys really care. But I do think you look at Michael Ehrhardt and his groundball play, getting six or seven ground balls. Jay Carlson had some great groundballs today, a junior who gets a little bit overlooked did a great job for us. Brian Cooper’s effort, his intensity, his passion was excellent. Casey Ikeda diving to back up a goal, just love to see that. Those guys played fantastic today. They don’t get talked about a lot, but they mean a lot to us.”

Senior Midfielder Mike Chanenchuk

On the significance of beating Duke:
“It’s a significant victory because Duke is one of our rivals and it’s another ACC game. Them coming into Byrd [Stadium], it’s always going to be a battle with them.”

On why he got so many open looks shooting today:
“I think that our whole offense did really well today, working together and it just kind of happened that I had pretty good success shooting today. Like I have said previously, I think our offense revolves around 10 different guys. Some guys get hot one day, some guys get hot today, and today I was that person.” 

Senior Goalie Niko Amato

On how the defense seemed to be locked in today:
“Yeah I think we’re getting total team effort from our guys right now. You see how tough each groundball was out on the field today. Charlie [Raffa] has been doing a great job in the faceoffs and our offense had been doing well; they’ve been clicking. Our defense has been flying around, not giving up anything easy. We’re getting great efforts across the board right now and we want to continue to build off that and improve.”

On the back and forth between goalies today:
I never really think about it like that to be honest; when you have two great teams that put a lot of effort into it week in week out all year that’s what you’re going to get.  You’re going to get two teams that are just battling constantly. They have talented players across the board, we’ve got talented players across the board and throughout that game a lot players from both teams made a lot of plays. So that’s just the way I see it and we were fortunate to come away with the win.” 

Junior Defender Goran Murray

On the defensive game plan today:
“We started out this week saying we’re not going to worry about matchups, we’re going to play team defense. I just stuck to that from the first minute to the last minute. It just ended up working out better throughout the game. We started making plays as a group offensively and defensively.”

On how well the defense has played the first couple of games:
“I would say together as a unit, we have just bonded a little more throughout the years and we have been keying in on our film, we’ve been buying into this team defense. We had matchups and you can talk about who’s guarding who, but I think everyone on our defensive unit across the board can play with anybody. So together with that mentality coming off our games, we’ve just approached game with the mentality that we’re gonna square up and battle with everybody.”

Duke Head Coach John Danowski

Opening statement:
“I’d like to congratulate the University of Maryland who played a good 60 minutes. Their goalie was terrific. Defensively, I thought they had a really good game plan and understood how they play. I am very proud of our guys for their first half effort and we struggled without second half effort. The good news is it’s March 1st and we can learn from our mistakes and move forward.”

On Maryland’s performance in the third quarter:
“They scored once off a pick. They scored once off a faceoff. They scored in a bunch of different little ways and they played great. During the coaches committee, I voted them number one last week and I think they’re a dynamite team. They’re just kind of relaxed, playing at home in front of a big crowd, I thought they were very calm and confident defensively.”

On Niko Amato’s performance:
I thought he did terrific. … Their defense does a really good job in front of him and he can see shots coming at him. It’s also the way they’re coached; they do a great job defensively.”

Sophomore Goalie Luke Aaron

On his great performance:
It was a good game. The defense was letting me see the shots and the credit goes to them. It started with [Maryland’s] goalie play to [Maryland’s] defense and their offense played really well.”

On the third quarter performance and if the game is on him:
It’s one of those things where it’s a sport where you’re not going to save every shot and they definitely picked some corners on that one, so hats off to them. You can definitely tell they’ve been practicing and it’s been working for them. They come wave after wave, but the ones that I did save I got to see the shots because my defense played really well.”

On preparing for Maryland’s offense:
We never focus on one player. Mike [Chanenchuk] has been there for a while and he shoots the ball really well, so it’s tough. They executed their game plan.”

Senior Attackman Jordan Wolf

On executing on defense in the first half compared to the second half:
“Got to give Maryland a lot of credit, they played great. We didn’t have an answer for their offense sometimes.”

On the team’s second-half shooting:
I don’t know. Sometimes they’re just not falling, but we got to just get back to work and put in the hours shooting.”

On how the team will respond from this:
Like I said, hard work. I’m excited for practice Monday and get back to it. We’re going to watch this film and get better from it.”