Post Series Quotes: Bryant

Maryland Athletics
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Head Coach John Szefc

On the Terps’ pitching this weekend:

“There really was not one guy we ran out there this weekend that was a disappointment in my mind. We only walked four guys in three games and gave up three runs. When you limit the amount of freebies like that, good stuff is going to happen. And the other kind of sidebar was getting a start like that from Jared Price, which really wasn’t surprising, but it was a really good bounce-back start from his first time out and that’s really, really big for our program, having that guy be able to bounce back like that. Whether it’s a bounce-back game or a bounce-back start, that’s really important for us.

“The other really big thing is [Alex] Robinson this weekend was tremendous. He’s starting to get more and more comfortable at that role. He was always used to being a starter. Like [Jake] Stinnett was used to being a reliever and now he sees what it’s like being a starter and I think maybe it’s just the exact opposite with Alex. When you can bring guys like him and [Ben] Brewster and [Tayler] Stiles out of the bullpen from the left side, you can kind of see what it does.”

On pitcher Mike Shawaryn’s composure:

“We knew a lot about his makeup before he ever got here. He pitched in a lot of tight situations. As a high school kid he won four state championships, was the MVP of the American Legion World Series last year. He’s used to pitching in pressure-packed situations. You don’t normally see freshmen do that kind of stuff consistently, but he’s not your typical freshman. He almost pitches better when there’s pressure on him, but he’s been used to doing it for a while.”

On right fielder Anthony Papio:

“He’s just a really blue collar guy that goes out there everyday, doesn’t say much, just does his job. And what he’s done is he’s taken the approach that Rob Vaughn has given our guys and he really takes the plan and he executes the plan every single day. He’s also gotten much better at hitting left handed pitching. Lefties versus righties is really not an issue for him anymore. And he gives you absolutely consistent defense every single day.

“As a college baseball coach, you want to run guys out there that you know what you’re getting 90 percent everyday and you absolutely know what you’re getting with that guy everyday. He’s very consistent.”

On the crowd support this weekend:

“I thought it was great. Our crowds are good. The weather helped. I thought the student group we had on [Saturday] night was really a big boost. That was as good a crowd as I’ve seen since we’ve been here. I think it really helped. Hopefully we can continue to be productive and give people a reason to come to the park. And if the weather can cooperate with us. It was nice to see. Our marketing people did a great job, our music guy. I really couldn’t have asked this weekend to go a whole lot better than it went. I really can’t complain. The crowd was nice and that’s a big part of college baseball, but you’ve got to give them a reason to come, too.”