Maryland-FSU Postgame Quotes

Maryland Athletics
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Maryland Head Coach Mark Turgeon

Opening Statement

“Obviously a really good win for us. We played really well. We finished the first half well, and built that lead and maintained it in the second half. Seth Allen was on another level tonight. He made some incredible shots. He played within himself most of the game and I was really proud of him. We shared the ball and took care of the ball until the very end. [Florida State] is a good team and athletic. They’re hard for us. I thought in the second half we did a little better job on the boards. It was just a good win. We were 19-for-23 at the line. I’ve just got to do a better job down the stretch. We had that lead and they were switching screens and we really weren’t prepared for it. I’ve got to do a better job getting us prepared for those types of things, but besides that, I was really proud of our team. It was a good win.”

On Seth Allen:

“I think in his shooting he took it to a different level. He’s getting closer. He’s making shots and he guards better; that helps. I thought our transition defense was good. That was a pretty high level. There were a couple of times in the second half where he just made some incredible shots when we weren’t really doing that well. We were just hanging in there and then he would raise up and hit two really tough threes.”

On Jake Layman and the team’s overall toughness:

“That was great for Jake because we were just kind of limping into the finish there. Jake dove and really took their spirit. It was tremendous. That was a winning play. We just can’t turn it over, but we’ve gotten better with the ball; there’s no doubt. We did a lot of things well today. It’s nice to have a double-digit lead most of the game. It’s fun.”

On the team’s recent defensive efforts:

“We did an hour and a half in practice on Thursday just on defense. We’ve made a more concerted effort towards defense. It’s nice to see the guys rewarded with a good defensive effort.”

On whether they needed this performance heading into next week’s games:

“We had to have it. I don’t ever tell the kids that, but I told them this morning, we got to get this one guys. I know they whooped us pretty good, but in this building, today, we’re a better basketball team. We will be, we’ve just got to go out and prove it. We did. It’s good. Get to 6-5. We’ve got great opportunities this week in tough places to play. We’re getting better. If you can’t get excited for these two games this week there’s something wrong with us. The key is that we recover.”

Sophomore forward Jake Layman 

On Seth Allen’s game tonight:

“Seth was on fire. He took a lot of pressure off of us. For the most part, he got a lot of his shots off of our offense. He was unbelievable.”

On beating Florida State:

“It’s revenge for the past two years. We haven’t beaten them in a while, so this one felt good.”

On future games:

“It’s a quick turnaround. We play Virginia on Monday. We have a stretch of a lot of great teams, so we have a big opportunity to get some quality wins.”

Sophomore guard Seth Allen

On his performance tonight:

“I was just making shots tonight. My teammates got me open in transition and I was just making three pointers. It felt really good, the win felt even better. They beat us really bad last game so we came into tonight with a chip on our shoulders; we wanted to prove to them that we are the better team. We played hard tonight.”

On his team’s overall defensive performance:

“We really pressured the ball. Whenever they had the ball on the three point line, we wanted to pressure them to make passing harder and so they couldn’t pick our defense apart. We have long guys like Jake and Nick to get hands in the passing lane so Dez and I can anticipate getting steals.”

On building on this win for the upcoming coming games:

“We have Virginia in less than 48 hours. We did our recovery already. We just need to relax and come to practice tomorrow and focus on our defense and getting better at closing games."

Florida State Head Coach Leonard Hamilton

On the loss:

“I think it was as much their offensive execution as it was our defense. You’ve got to give them some credit. Sometimes you have the tendency to always want to say what we didn’t do, but I thought Maryland did a very good job of reversing the ball, being patient. They reversed the ball several different times, almost each possession. Broke our defense down. They didn’t shoot the ball very quick at all. I think the residual effect of us being a little shorthanded had an effect on it. Obviously, any time you have a kid who’s red hot like Seth [Allen] was, that compounds it. We had plenty of opportunities. We had to miss at least eight, nine point-blank layups at the lane, right at the rim. When you’re playing against a team that’s executing as well as they are, and then on the offensive end we had the opportunities, just didn’t capitalize on them. So when you’re not capitalizing on the offensive end, they’re doing a great job executing on their offensive end, then they have a guy who’s really, really scoring well, that’s a bad combination for you to have to go through.

So you have to give them credit for being patient and not allowing themselves to come down and take quick shots. Our defensive is pretty effective when people are taking quick shots. I thought they did a very good job of executing. We just didn’t have the normal rotation where I could keep fresh bodies out there playing with the aggressiveness like I would like to. And that was a bad combination for us.”

On playing without senior guard Ian Miller:

“It’s kind of like a double-edged sword because it doesn’t allow us to keep Okaro [White] very much on the perimeter. Only having one sub on the perimeter, I don’t have guys that are very effective playing 37/38 minutes. But today is the first time I think I ever remember us going with guys playing that many minutes. That’s the hand that we have been dealt.”

On playing with little rest:

“This was an excellent game plan [Maryland] had. Our team is growing. I was proud of the way they hung in there and they fought back and cut it to I think eight in the second half. I was surprised we would have that much energy after playing so many minutes without hardly any rest at all. I don’t think [Devon] Bookert came out, I don’t think Montay [Brandon] came out the second half. We have not been accustomed to playing that way.”

Senior forward Okaro White

On the game and trying to comeback:

“We were very sloppy. You can’t come back when you are down so much. Those games are the few games that happen a year. You can’t get down like that to a team who shoots the ball so well. They had a few guys get hot. We tried to hustle back in at the end.”

On playing without Ian Miller:

“Ian is another scorer. He is a threat to score that we have on the outside. He can always fill it up, but it’s not even about Ian. We have a lot of different guys who can do a lot of different things.  We can’t make those mistakes. Maryland played a great game. They were on top of their game. You have to give credit to them.”

Sophomore guard Aaron Thomas

On the challenge of stopping Seth Allen:

“He didn’t play well the first game we played and in this one he got going early. I don’t think we did a good job containing him. He hit open shots. Once he got going, it was hard to stop.”