Postgame Quotes: Marshall 31, Maryland 20

Maryland Athletics
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ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Postgame quotes following Maryland's 31-20 loss to Marshall in the 2013 Military Bowl.

Head Coach Randy Edsall

Opening Statement:

"We were disappointed in the outcome today. Give credit to Marshall. Marshall is a very good team. I'm not going to take anything away from our guys on what we accomplished during the season.

"Today, we just weren't able to get off the field on third down, defensively. Offensively, we had some opportunities to make some plays and we just didn't make enough of them today. One of the differences was (Marshall's) punter. Their punter did a tremendous job of giving us tough field position all day long, and we weren't able to overcome that."

"We knew we needed to score touchdowns because of the way that Marshall's offense is. We weren't able to finish some drives and had to kick the field goals. Our kids played hard, and I'm proud of what they accomplished this season.”              

On Marshall's ability to make big plays on offense:

"Their tight end really hurt us. We just didn't play that as well as we needed to. We had a chance on one drive to get them stopped on a third-and-12. We just had some breakdowns, and you can't have those types of breakdowns against the kind of athletes that Marshall has."

On establishing the running game in the first half:

"As we looked at things, we thought that we were able to run the football. We felt that, as fast as they were going, we wanted to control the clock. The problem we had was we got down into the red zone and ended up kicking some field goals rather than getting touchdowns."

On trying to get pressure on Marshall quarterback Rakeem Cato:

"When we did get some pressure, we didn't keep him in the pocket. We let him get to the edges. That was the one thing we wanted to try to do was make sure that, if he was going to scramble, he was going to scramble up the middle because he'd have a tendency to run and slide. We did get the pressure, but we didn't get the sacks."

Maryland Players

Quarterback C.J. Brown

On what Marshall did defensively:

"They gave us different looks like we thought they would. The biggest thing was we kept kicking ourselves in the foot. Hurting ourselves with penalties, a couple drops, a couple misreads. Little things that were not helping us on first and second downs, and creating unmanageable third downs. It wasn't anything that they did that we hadn't seen before."

On playing with poor field position:

"It put us in a tough position, but we practice that. When you have a 17-play drive for 99 yards and a touchdown, it swings the momentum. That was a big start for us. All in all, we played well on offense, but we just didn't get the job done."

On watching Marshall answer the 99-yard drive with their own scoring drive:

"They did a very good job of answering right away. That kind of sunk the ship right there. We have to get out there and answer. It's a game of momentum, and we had it going in. It's football – it's going to happen. They did a nice job of answering."

On the outlook of moving to the Big Ten next year:

"When it is all said and done, we had a great year. We had a winning season and were able to extend it to the postseason and go to a bowl game. We'll be ready come next year. We're use this to prepare for the future."

On offensive adjustments at halftime:

"There were many adjustments because the only thing that kept hurting us in the first half was ourselves. Going into the half, we were moving the ball well but we were kicking field goals. If those drives had come out touchdowns, it would be 21-17. A whole different ball game. When you get down in the red zone, you want seven (points) and not three. That was the biggest thing that hurt us today.

Defensive Lineman Andre Monroe

On defending Marshall quarterback Rakeem Cato:

"He definitely was a good quarterback. He was very shifty. That was one of his biggest assets. There were quite a few times we would get him back (in the pocket) and he was able to wiggle or get the ball away just in time and do what they needed to do to get the ball down the field."

On Marshall getting the big plays:

"It was very frustrating, but it's nothing that we haven't been through before. It's going to happen. It's a game. You just have to keep going, keep fighting, and don't give up."

Running back Brandon Ross

On trying to get the running game going:

"One of the big things coming into this game was establishing the run. We knew that, offensively, Marshall was going to come into the game throwing and moving the ball downfield. We wanted to try to keep our defense off the field for as long as we could. That was our goal."

On not being able to answer Marshall's touchdown early in the fourth quarter:

"It was tough. We knew that they had a good offense and they were going to be going up and down the field. Our goal was to keep trying to counter them as much as we could. Our defense has been great all year. We knew we were going to get the ball back and we'd have another opportunity."