Tumble Talk: Dani Kram

Maryland Athletics
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Hey TerpFans!

It has been a crazy week here in Terpland! We started it off with a tradition that the team loves, Secret Santa! To get us excited for our upcoming holiday break we all pick a name out of a hat and secretly give that person presents all week! It is so fun hiding their little gifts around the gym, in hopes that our identity remains a secret.

In the gym everyone had their game faces on this week. We had our RED versus BLACK intrasquad, which is the first time the fans are able to come out and see us before our season actually begins! Throughout the week we split the two teams up and battled one another with various tasks and contests in preparation for the big day. It was fun to have a little competition going on inside the gym this week; it definitely spiced things up a bit.

Thursday was the big day of the intrasquad. We were so excited to have celebrity judges there from all different teams. Our celebrity judges are other fellow student athletes that help us to decide the winner of the meet. We had judges from the baseball team, field hockey, football, women’s soccer, and track team! They had a blast judging, however I’m not too sure if they know it is impossible to score a 10.3. (Or maybe the routine was just extra perfect!)

 Red fought hard throughout the meet, but it was Black who came out on top. Regardless of the winner, the team as a whole did a phenomenal job being out there under pressure for the first time. If that meet was any indication of how our season is going to go I, my friends, would watch out because the Terps are coming at you full force this year.

On Friday, we then celebrated our annual Holiday Party with the entire team and staff enjoying delicious homemade lasagna, courtesy of Brett! It is so nice to kick back and relax after a long and hard week. This was the last night of Secret Santa so we get our person one last big gift and reveal who we are! Shout out to Haley Jones who had absolutely no idea that I had her the entire time! We laugh, we eat, and most importantly we enjoy each other’s company. It is so important get out of the gym every now and then and spend some quality time with the people that make your life so special.

So, as we go into a stressful week of finals, and end the semester off on what I hope is a good note for everyone, just make sure to take a little time of each day to remember what this holiday season is all about. I hope everyone enjoys their time with the family and has a safe and wonderful holiday. Because once it is over, it is game time for the Terps. And trust me, you don’t want to miss it.

With that, I bid you all adieu.

Thanks for reading and make sure you tune in next week! Go Terps!

Dani Kram