Postgame Quotes

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Postgame Quotes
November 25, 2013
College Park, Md. (Comcast Center)

No. 8 Maryland 69, Drexel 63

Head Coach Brenda Frese

Opening Statement:
“I thought Drexel was terrific tonight. They did a great job taking possessions away from us. Really working the shot clock, trying to make better decisions on our possessions. Credit to them. I thought they came in and played with a lot of confidence. I thought our ending to half didn’t help in terms of being able to go into the locker room with a ton of confidence. All good things that we can learn from to improve and get better.”

On Drexel’s three-point shooting:
“I thought the rim got a lot bigger. I thought the possession when we tried to go to diamond to gain more possessions it ended up hurting us. We were trying to get more possessions back and I thought those late breakdowns that we had off of our press really gave them momentum and confidence to be able to get confident with what they were doing.”

On Drexel:
“They play hard. That was a team that never quit. They play hard for 40 minutes. Really high IQ team. They make you pay for any type of breakdowns. Really well-coached. We need to be in these kinds of battles to get us ready. They do a terrific job.”

On Maryland’s free throw shooting:
“It’s something that we know is really important. Late game, being able to step up and make our free throws is key. When you’re talking about going down to the wire with a small lead. “

Senior Forward Alyssa Thomas

On Drexel’s post defense:
“They were playing us really tight in the post. It was hard to make dump passes down there. I just try to work it and get offensive rebounds and try to get put-backs in that way.”

On scoring 21 points:
“I just think it’s how the game went. I try to get offensive rebounds and my teammates found me.”

Drexel Head Coach Denise Dillon

Opening Statement:
“It was a tough game, as we knew it would be. We were just outmatched in size, as we knew we would be. I thought our second was obviously much better. The girls never quit. They continued to play and I think this was a great learning experience for us overall.”

On feeling of playing a ranked team:
“Once the threes start falling, it starts cutting the lead. If you look at the shooting percentage, you notice our players shot 30 percent in the first half and 54 percent in the second. Just making shots makes you confident. With the two teams we lost to, Villanova and Saint Joe’s, we are so familiar with each other’s systems and styles. All of the players have personal connections with their high school teams and AAU teams. They all know each other. With Maryland, you don’t know what you’re going up against. It’s not the emotional battle as much as it is the fighting battle. The shots falling certainly helped a great deal.”

Freshman Guard Alexis Smith

On how it felt to play close to home:
“I felt nervous about coming back to Maryland, because I had all of my family and friends coming. However, once I got on the court I just calmed down and played basketball the way I know how to play. I did anything I could to get our team back in the game and get the intensity level higher.”

On if the scoring tonight will project the whole season:
“I feel like I can play at this level every game. I can’t have a freshman mentality. I just have to go out there and know what I am supposed to do.”