Tumble Talk: Katy Dodds

Maryland Athletics
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Hey Terp Fans!

            It’s a brand new school year, so that means Tumble Talk is back! We just finished our first week of school, so this has been a very busy week for the GymTerps. Our first practice as a team was on Monday; we welcomed in our new freshies, including our newest teammate from Australia! It was incredible to see all the talent this team has in the gym this year, it has only been a week, but I think the sky is the limit for this team. It’s my senior year and I am ready to go out with a bang. I definitely believe this is the team that can make it happen and do something no GymTerp team has ever done before.

            Classes started on Tuesday and we had meetings all day to get everything set up for the new year with compliance, nutrition, academics, training room, etc. After meetings were over we got to head over to Byrd Stadium for our Annual Student-Athlete Welcome Back Social. In the years past it has been an ice cream social, but this year they gave us a full BBQ! It was delicious and they assigned tables to intertwine all the different athletes. I got to talk to many new fellow student-athletes that I had never met before! We listened to a few speakers and played a few games together. It was a lot of fun and the perfect way to kick off the year as one big student-athlete family.

            After we survived our first week of classes and practice, we got to enjoy ourselves with our big recruiting weekend! After practice on Friday, we took our Maryland bus to the Cheesecake Factory in the Baltimore Inner Harbor with the committed recruits and their families! The girls stayed the night with us and on Saturday we headed to the football game against Old Dominion as a team. TERPS WON BIG TIME! We are now 2-0 and I cannot wait to see how the rest of the season ends up!

            Finally, we had our very first day of Bootcamp on Sunday… aka SUNDAY RUNDAY. (I told you it was a jammed packed week!) We met at Einstein Bagels in the morning to send off the recruits and their families then went straight to the outdoor football practice field to run and condition. It went great! It was a super hard work out, but I am so proud of how hard this team pushed and never gave up. Each girl gave it her all today and it was so exciting to see! It is time for season yet?!

Thanks for reading Terps Fans and tune it next week!

Xoxo Love,