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Maryland Athletics
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The University of Maryland Athletics Compliance Office is committed to the principle of institutional control and operating its athletics program in a manner that is consistent with the letter and spirit of NCAA, Conference, and University rules and regulations. We are here to assist coaches, prospective student-athletes, current student-athletes, athletics representatives, and all other entities that support our 20 sports. As a whole, our goal is to preserve the integrity of the University of Maryland by establishing an atmosphere of education and responsibility; specifically, as it pertains to the rules and regulations set forth by the NCAA and Conference.

As we remember our proud past, and march toward our bright future, it is essential to the success of our each of our programs that we maintain institutional control. Please remember this when you interact with prospective and current student-athletes, their families, and friends.

The Compliance Office is prepared to assist you with your questions and concerns regarding the NCAA rules or any other relevant matter. As always, please remember, Ask Before You Act!

Compliance Focus Areas

  • Utilize a variety of educational methods (newsletters, in person sessions, team & coach meetings, etc.).
  • Provide key constituencies with updated information on new rules, current violations.
  • Maintain high level of access to compliance staff.
  • Continually evaluate quality and effectiveness of educational programming.

Policies & Procedures

  • Clearly outline and communicate roles and responsibilities to all constituencies.
  • Utilize technological advances to improve and streamline all forms and procedures.
  • Review and update all policies and procedures on an annual basis.


  • Review athletics program activities.
  • Implement a standard and comprehensive system of audits and log requests for each sport.


  • Investigate in a thorough and timely manner all allegations regarding rules violations.
  • Apply consistent and appropriate penalties to any violations discovered.
  • Ensure all corrective actions are completed.