Career Development Plan

Designed to assist student-athletes in the process of establishing and achieving career goals, the athletic department, in conjunction with campus career services and the M Club, offers individual career counseling, resume-writing, interviewing, and job search advice. In addition, workshops and networking opportunities are offered to all student-athletes to aid them in preparation for their future.

This is a suggested plan for student-athletes to follow to have the best preparation for a successful career upon graduation.

Freshman Year:

  • Take UNIV 100- Introduction to the University
  • Utilize FOCUS - Self-Assessment of interests, values, personality, and skills
  • Review interested UM college/major website program information
  • Visit University Career Center
  • Attend Freshmen Choosing A Major/Career Night
  • Attend workshops (ex. majors and internships)
  • Begin creating a resume
  • Join Student Organizations
  • Get to know professors and advisors
  • Identify faculty to discuss selecting a major, making career choices, and participating in job shadowing experiences
  • Participate in community service projects

    Sophomore Year:

  • Perform research and obtain information from professionals and upper-class students to make a final decision about a major
  • Declare a major in the fall
  • Participate in job shadowing experiences and informational interviews
  • Attend workshops (ex. internships and resume)
  • Utilize degree navigator to understand major requirements
  • Register and post resume on Careers4terps and Terrapin Career Network
  • Research internships and find a summer internship/job

    Junior Year:

  • Attend workshops (ex. resume, interviewing, networking, and graduate school)
  • Update resume on Careers4terps and Terrapin Career Network
  • Attend career and graduate school fairs
  • Compile letters of recommendation from professors and employers
  • Join professional associations in field as a student
  • Obtain internship or participate in undergraduate research
  • Attend Junior/Senior Networking Dinner
  • Develop strong relationships with faculty in major
  • Contact M Club for contact information on former student-athletes to network, get advice and information, and answer questions on various careers
  • Prepare for graduate school entrance exams

    Senior Year:

  • Attend workshops (ex. resume, interviewing, networking, and financial planning workshops)
  • Update resume on Careers4Terps and Terrapin Career Network
  • Target employers
  • Attend career fairs, apply for jobs, and participate in on-campus interviews
  • Participate in mock interviews
  • Use resources for job searching, networking
  • Attend Junior/Senior Networking dinner
  • Apply to graduation school
  • Complete a senior audit
  • Work on cover letters
  • Schedule Interviews
  • Match your job offers to needs, values, interests


  • Maintain contacts
  • Update resume
  • Join and stay active with the M Club
  • Volunteer for career panels or workshops; offer an externship or internship
  • Assess your career and direction, enhance skills or professional development and explore options if dissatisfied and ready to advance.
  • Utilize Terrapin Career Network to find jobs, locate other alumni and become a mentor