Many collegiate student-athletes leave college feeling unprepared to face the challenge of life after graduation. The NCAA developed the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program to assist student-athletes with the transition from college life to professional life, and to make meaningful contributions to their communities in the process.

The ACADEMIC SUPPORT & CAREER DEVELOPMENT UNIT (ASCDU) is charged with coordinating the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program. Accordingly, the mission of the ASCDU is "To provide quality developmental programs and need-based services that will enhance academic progress, facilitate career development, and encourage the psychological growth of student-athletes".

Each student-athlete possesses abilities, competencies, and skills that can be further developed through the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program. The program is designed to assist student-athletes' personal growth by ensuring that each student-athlete is provided with the building blocks for a rewarding collegiate experience and professional career. Student-athletes are encouraged to make a commitment to the five key components of the CHAMPS/ Life Skills Program...

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    Laura M. Fellon
    CHAMPS / Life Skills Coordinator