Returning Student-Athlete's Program

Maryland Athletics
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The Academic Support for Returning Athletes Program (ASRAP) was created in 1986 to support and assist former varsity student - athletes, who made the commitment to return to the university to complete their degree programs and to graduate.

As a member of the National Consortium for Academics and Sports (NCAS), the University of Maryland is committed to provide support to its returning athletes.

ASRAP is comprised of two main components; degree completion support and community service.

Former student athletes who choose to participate in the ASRAP are former University of Maryland student athletes that have not completed requirements for a bachelor's degree. Admission into the program is selective, and is based on the following criteria:

  • the individual has exhausted his/her athletics eligibility and scholarship aid
  • the individual has not completed Bachelor's degree requirements
  • the individual has a reasonable opportunity for readmission to the university
  • the individual has reached junior status at the university (minimum of sixty credit hours)
  • the individual has no disciplinary or judicial problems with the university which may affect readmission
  • the individual must sign an academic support agreement to complete coursework for the Bachelor's degree
  • the individual must have been away from the university from three to five years
  • heavily depends on the availibility of funding

How To Apply:
For information on the ASRAP, contact Natasha CrissAssociate Director of Academic Support & Career Development.

To be given full consideration, you must apply for reinstatement to the university, establish in-state or out-of-state residency, and obtain a major audit that states the courses remaining for graduation.

The Returning Student Athletes Program will cover the cost of in-state tuition only. Program participants will be expected to complete Volunteer Hours over the course of the enrollment period based on the number of credit hours enrolled, by the number of weeks of the academic session.