Postgame Quotes: #5 Maryland 88, Mount St. Mary's 47

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Nov. 9, 2012

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Postgame Notes
Nov. 9, 2012
No. 5 Maryland 88, Mount St. Mary's 47

Head Coach Brenda Frese

Opening statement:
"I really liked how we came out to play. Our energy was fantastic and I thought we did a terrific job of sharing the basketball tonight. I thought we were really unselfish with our play and I am really excited about the dominance of our post play. All three of them were very good and very active on the glass. They gave us a great post presence inside and some really positive things to build on for our first game."

On the 18-5 run to end the first half:
"I felt like that was the point where our transition game really started to click. I felt like we were able to wear them down in terms of how we were running the floor and we did a really nice job of sharing the basketball."

On what they can improve on after a dominant win like this:
"There are always plenty of things to improve. In game we tried to put in a couple of things that we have not spent a lot of time on. You saw our zone needs some work and we need to get better at rebounding out of it. We tried to work on a little bit of our press as well. We would also like to work on not playing the score and being able to come out and sustain high levels of intensity and energy for 40 minutes."

On this game as a way of easing into the season and what they expect from Loyola:
"The home crowd helped us and we were able to get a lot of players a lot of minutes. We were able to play our freshmen and get them some experience sooner rather than later. Loyola will be a battle because it will be their first college experience with going on the road. We definitely needed a game like this."

Senior forward Tianna Hawkins

On her performance tonight:
"My teammates found me in transition and we share the ball pretty well. There are still things to build on, though."

Junior guard Laurin Mincy

On being the primary ball handler:
"I think I did pretty well, but there are still a lot of things I would like to improve on. We shared the ball really well and got out in transition, and that's our game."

Junior center Alicia DeVaughn
On her performance offensively tonight:
"I think I did pretty well, but there is always room for improvement. My teammates did a good job of finding me when I was open."

Mount St. Mary's Head Coach Bryan Whitten

Opening statement:
"Our goal was to come in and compete. I thought we got some of the shots that we wanted but we didn't make them. We are a much better shooting team than we showed tonight. That is really strength for us. We got some open looks and we didn't knock them down. They [Maryland] won it where they should have won the game, on the inside. Four of their post players had double figures. They go 6-3, 6-4, 6-3, 6-2 compared to us going 6-2, 6-0, and 5-10. They won it where they are supposed to, in the paint and on the board."

On what his team got out of the game:
"You get to see how the other half lives so to speak. You get to see the difference in the athleticism. We understand that we need to do a better job of executing. That first half hopefully gives us a little bit of conference going into playing the non-BCS schools. We got off 66 shots, and only turned the ball over 14 times. We got 28 three pointers off and our goal is to get 20 off a game. Our goal is to shoot 7-for-20 from the outside. In our scrimmages we shot 8-for-19 and 8-for-22. We usually shoot it a little bit better. We really had no inside scoring at all. When you are playing that big front line that they have it will affect you."

On Maryland:
"They are very talented. They are very unselfish. Guarding the blocks was very difficult for us. Their transition game was excellent. When we took long shots there were long rebounds and with their athleticism they were able to get out on the break. They did what they were supposed to do. They are super talented, super unselfish, they passed the ball well. Once the freshmen get some seasoning they will be able to contribute. It will be interesting to see how the point guard position plays out for them with Bones [Brene Moseley] being down. They have some talented players but without a true point guard playing some of the upper echelon teams that will have a true point guard it will be interesting to see how they adapt."