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Nov. 24, 2012

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Postgame quotes following Maryland's 70-53 win over Georgia Southern Saturday evening.

Head Coach Mark Turgeon

Opening statement:
"That wasn't a lot of fun, especially in the first half. We obviously weren't ready to play, physically and mentally we weren't ready to play. I thought Georgia Southern was ready out of the gate. I was disappointed in our guys in the first half. Logan [Aronhalt] hit some shots for us. I though Charles Mitchell was the only other player to give us something in the first half. The second half we shared the ball, we still turned it over too much. We were careless with the ball. We had 20 assists on 27 baskets which is pretty good against their zone. I think their changing defense confused us a little. We did better with it when it was in front of our bench. Of course we rebounded well and we did enough. I think they were just trying to keep the game close. They were using the whole clock. It wasn't a fun game to be a part of but in the end our guys won. We played a pretty good second half."

On freshmen forward Charles Mitchell:
"He [Charles Mitchell] was good. The last game he wasn't very good. We watched film and it wasn't a very fun film session for Charles and he responded in the right way. Some guys respond the right way and other guys start pouting, he responded the right way. He had really good practices since that film session and it carried over to the game. I was happy for him. He had bounce to him; he was excited and ready to go. He looked good out there."

On the team's rebounding:
"It's funny it doesn't feel like we are out rebounding them that much in the game. They had two offensive rebounds in a possession and I was getting ready to blow a gasket because I expect us to get every rebound. A lot of it is we are just bigger than you are kind of deal. We do talk about it a lot. I think we have out rebounded every opponent this year. I'm not into stats yet but I would imagine we are about plus 10 or 12 rebounding for the year it might be a little bit bigger. It's a good start."

On senior guard Logan Aronhalt:
"He [Logan Aronhalt] is pretty good. He made one against the zone and got them out of the zone. Than we ran a play for him and I think Shaq [Clare] made a great screen for him and got him open and he knocked down another one. In the second half out of bounds he hit another one and then we ran a play and he hit the last one. He got open looks. It was good to see because Logan hadn't shot the ball well. He was in the gym early this morning; I heard around eight o'clock shooting. You like to see that, guys get rewarded for hard work. It's good for him. He really helped us stretch it. When Logan is hitting shots you see that we get the ball inside a little bit easier and can score a little bit easier. I was happy for him because he hadn't shot the ball very well yet. It was good to see."

Freshman Forward Charles Mitchell

On the energy he brought to the team:

"Somebody has to bring the energy, and as I said before, `I'm going to do whatever it takes to help my team win. Every single night, that's what I'm going to do.'"

On rebounding from the slow start:
"We went to the locker room knowing that we had to come out and compete because we didn't give a lot of energy in the first half. We just had to come back out, play together, play hard and stay focused."

On what Coach Turgeon told him during practice:
"Just getting sloppy on defensive plays; not hedging a screen, not getting back on defense, not looking for a man. Just stuff I could correct in practice daily. I probably did it a couple times in the game, and I'll probably get chewed out in practice for it, but I'll be ready."

Senior Guard Logan Aronhalt

On practicing this morning:

"It was 10:00 a.m. It is my ritual on game days if we're playing at home. I like to get in. I'm kind of old so it takes me awhile to get loose. It gets my blood going in the morning."

On playing in the second half:
"We were sluggish basically the whole first half. We have been doing that the last couple games. It was time for us to pick it up. I thought we did that during the second half."

On the bench:
"It makes us a dangerous team. You can take guys off the bench and you never know who is going to score. The other team has to choose who they're going to key on and that opens shots up for guys like me and Charles [Mitchell]."

Freshman Center Shaquille Cleare

On coach Turgeon's reaction to the first half:

"We didn't start off well in the first half. We started off sluggish. Our defense was lolly gagging around. [Coach] got on us really hard. He thought we were a better team and that we need to step up. We needed to stop coming out to these games late. He told us to just keep playing and to work on communicating with each other while we're on the floor."

On Logan Aronhalt's play:
"Logan makes it hard for teams to guard us. We have the depth inside and the depth outside, so Logan making those shots and putting points on the board helped give us the victory tonight."

On team improvements:
"Team wise, we have to get a lot better at defense. I think if we can get that together, then we can be a great team by the end of the season."

Georgia Southern Coach Charlton Young

Opening statement:
"They did a good job in the first half. We were able to keep them off balance with some changes and playing certain line ups a certain way. We wanted to score in the first seven seconds or the last seven seconds. We wanted to pull their bigs away from the basket, and get inside outside threes. We got a lot of open looks that just didn't go down. Everybody knows that they're huge, you could see that. They're huge even amongst ACC schools, we needed to stay within five or ten on the glass, we didn't and we lost. Congratulations to Maryland, I think we came in and we played well. I hope they give us a little respect in terms of what their kids did. We're not into moral victories, but congratulations to Maryland."

On coach Turgeon:
"I want to say congratulations to Coach Turgeon and his staff. I have a lot of respect for Coach Turgeon, and his assistants. I think his assistants are tremendous guys, and all three of them are probably future head coaches."

On what he'll take away from this game:
"I know people at Maryland don't know a lot about the Southern Conference, but we're from a very respected league. The top four teams in our league are very good. Davidson beat Kansas last year, Elon beat South Carolina last week, Charleston beat North Carolina. So the top four teams in our league are very good, and can play on this level. So we have to get to the point where we can come in and steal a game like this. Their size wore us down, and also when you don't see the ball going in the hole, you lose your energy level. If we had hit a couple more shots, we probably could have made them tighten up and had a chance at this thing. Turgeon made some adjustments in the second half and changed the lineup, the guy is a big time coach."