Post-Game Quotes from Virginia's 17-16 Double Overtime Win Over UNC

Maryland Athletics
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April 21, 2000

ACC Men's Lacrosse Tournament Friday, April 21, 2000 Game 1 - Virginia (No. 1 seed) vs. North Carolina (No. 4 Seed)

Dave Klarmann
North Carolina

"I think that was a really exciting game and that both teams played very hard, played with a lot a passion and dersire - all of the things that you want out of college athletes.

"Of course, we are feeling very disappointed at the way the game ended. But, it was a great effort by both teams. Maybe we will see them again. I don't know."

Chase Martin
North Carolina

"It is very hard to play a game that hard and that long and lose. Especially when you know you could have beaten them. They are a very good team and they played well. It is hard when you know you could have beaten them - should have beaten them.

(on the play with 25 seconds left in the second overtime) "I think someone shot the ball and Matt Crofton picked it up in the back. He threw it to me on the side of the crease and Kenney came close to the pipe. I think two guys came down and I was trying to muscle back over to get myself a better angle. I thought as soon as I cought the ball that the game was over. I guess they got a good check. That's one I wish I could have back."

Austin Garrison
North Carolina

"I think we capitalized on our opportunities for 3 1/2. Fot the whole game, I think we capitalized well. It was just so up and down but you know that when you play a team like Virginia, you must convert what they give you. We scored a bunch of goals."

Dom Starsia

"Whatever the ACC was charging for admission, they didn't charge enough. That was a heckuva college lacrosse game.

"Carolina really played like warriors tonight. One part of me was rooting for them. I really like their team.

"I give our guys credit for battling back because we wanted the the win so desperately. They gave us all we could handle. For 55 minutes I thought Carolina was carrying the play. But our kids dug down and found a gear that we hadn't exhibited over most of the game.

"I think on the bench, we always felt that we had life. That is what ACC lacrosse is all about."