Gator Bowl Postgame Quotes: Maryland 41, West Virginia 7

Maryland Athletics
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Jan. 1, 2004

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Maryland Quarterback Scott McBrien
On the finale vs. his former team:
"It's kind of hard to imagine a better ending. You couldn't write a better script. It's hard to believe it ended like this. I'm just so happy and proud of this senior class, this program, this whole football team. When we were 0-2, people wrote us off and to come out with a Gator Bowl win in New Year's Day, it is something that we are very proud of."

On the big day passing:
"It was just one of those days. I felt like I was seeing the whole field. I could not have done it without the supporting cast. Those receivers made some great catches. You saw Suter, Melendez, Jafar Williams had two (TD's). I give them the credit as well. I could not have done it without them."

On being MVP:
"Yes it is amazing. Like I said, I couldn't have done it without these guys behind me. It feels good. I couldn't have writing a better ending to this story book ending for this career for me."

On beating WVU again and friend Brian King:
"I am just glad it's over, now we (King and McBrien) can go back to being friends, hanging out, instead of being enemies. The reputation we had, I was talking to him and people said we shouldn't be doing that. I'm just glad its all over and I can go back to hanging out with his family and hanging out with him and being friends again."

Maryland Running Back Bruce Perry
On Scott McBrien's performance:
"These are thing he does every single day. It's really not surprising that he comes out and accomplishes things like he did today. I'm not surprised, that's Scotty and I know what he is capable of."

On Taking the big lead vs. WVU again:
"We just wanted to make that we got the point across to the rest of the team that the game wasn't over. Even when you get up big at the half, you still have 30 minutes to play. You want to make it seem like its 0-0 and come out with same intensity that we came out with in the first quarter."

On building the lead vs. WVU:
"There wasn;t really anything to exploit. They played great defense, especially with us running the ball, they had everyone in the box and kept coming down ... we were just able to take advantage of the of the missed tackles and creases that were there."

On Jafar Williams' big game:
"I talk to Jafar every day. That's my boy (they went to George Washington HS in Philadelphia together), when he's down, I'm down. I was there for him when he needed me and I was there for him when he needed me."

Maryland Returner Steve Suter
On his punt return for TD:
"That made it 17-0. It was a big play in the game. Anytime your defense stops them and they kick us the ball and we score on them, it's a big momentum shift for us. I love doing it and I had great blocks all the way down the field. I know because I had four of my teammates running in the end zone with me. They took care of everybody and had time to chase me down."