Postgame Quotes: #9 Maryland 88, Wake Forest 61

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March 3, 2013

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Postgame Quotes
March 3, 2013
College Park, Md. (Comcast Center)

#9 Maryland 88, Wake Forest 61

Head Coach Brenda Frese

Opening statement:
"Today was a lot of fun. You saw us get back to Maryland basketball. Defensively we came out with some really good energy and defended really hard. We were able to get our transition going and did a really nice job sharing the basketball. Terrific to be able to see five players score in double figures. Sequoia [Austin] came in and gave us the energy that she played with tonight as well as Alyssa [Thomas] and Tianna [Hawkins] and what they do. a special memory for us on senior day with Tianna and Caitlin [Adams]."

On what the difference was tonight:
"It starts with our confidence, you saw us play really aggressive and confidence shooting shots and really making shots easier for one another. I thought our guard play was really good, to be able to get passes inside and out offensively. We know our defense can always be there but to be able to have both was really good to see."

On the momentum heading into the ACC Tournament:
"I thought it started yesterday in practice, we came out with a really good mindset and that carried over today. We have to have that as we get ready to go to Greensboro [N.C.]."

On how quickly they moved on from Thursday's loss:
"Immediately, quicker than any game. We didn't watch film we moved quickly to be able to get ourselves mentally prepared for what's ahead. I think that's a pulse and understanding what is needed at the moment. We got back extremely late from Tallahassee and I thought it was important for us to mentally get our minds right and get some rest to be prepared."

On the starting five:
"I really like where we are at in terms of our rotation. We have gotten really comfortable in the second half of conference play. I definitely think we will be moving forward with it."

On being a two or three seed in the ACC Tournament:
"You know, it's out of our control at this point. Like I told the team in the locker room when they were kind of surprised about the coin toss that it doesn't matter. When we go into tournament play, you have to be playing your best basketball, so it's just a number in front of your name that's really pretty insignificant. We know our body of work, we know what we did all conference play, so for us it's just coming in with the mindset of being able to advance and that's the most important thing for us."

Junior Forward Alyssa Thomas

On the defense:
"We really got after it defensively. We didn't let them get open shots and tried to control the tempo early with them."

On sending Tianna Hawkins out on Senior Day with a win:
"Very important. With everything that she has done for us and this program, we just wanted to go out with a bang for her on her senior night."

Senior Forward Tianna Hawkins

On being excited for the ACC Tournament:
"Most definitely. I am very confident that my team is going to make a run in this postseason and we just have to go into every game with a lot of confidence."

On senior day:
"It was just a great feeling to just to see how much support our fans give us each day and it's just a great feeling to know that my teammates have my back and also my coaches."

On her last four years at Maryland:
"It's been a great experience just to be able to be apart of this tradition, apart of this program and I'm really looking forward to what's ahead for me."

Junior Guard Sequoia Austin

On her career high:
"It feels great. Like AT was saying, the theme of the day was the seniors and going into the Tournament on a good note, so that's what really got me going."

On getting hot:
"Once you hit one, every other shot feels great and I kept getting confidence from my teammates to keep shooting and keep playing. It just definitely helped."

Wake Forest Head Coach Jen Hoover

On what gives them confidence going into the ACC tournament:
"I think that at time points of the year, we've talked about it as a team that when all cylinders are firing we play very well. We've got five seniors and it's going to be their last trip to Greensboro and I know it means a lot to them. Even through the ups and downs of the season and how we've grown as a group, we've built some things together and I'm sure we're not ready for that to be over. We really came in today feeling like we were going to be able to give them a run because of what we were able to do at home, but I think they played extremely well. They were coming off of two tough losses and they're one of the top teams in the country and they hit us hard early. We didn't respond like we'd hoped we'd be able to."

On whether they will continue their ACC tournament success:
"I think it's something this group is proud of for sure, especially Sandra and her senior class. They've always gone to Greensboro and won a game so I think it gives them a little bit of confidence. We like playing there, we like playing on that floor. There are definitely gyms that you go in that you just have a good feeling about rims, backboards, whatever it may be. We do have to go in with that type of confidence... We'll recover from this."

Senior Center Sandra Garcia

On how she thought Maryland would play:
"I think, being here as a senior, I knew their capability. We should have come out a little stronger in the first half and second half. It was nothing that caught me off guard."

On what gives them confidence going into the ACC tournament:
"I think that the ACC is so open that anyone is capable of beating anyone in this league. For some weird reason we always do good in the ACC tournament. I just think we have to refocus, stay together and just put our all on the court at the ACC tournament."