Quotes: Maryland 87, Ohio 62

Maryland Athletics
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Mark Turgeon  

Opening Statement:

“Bruno [Fernando] has got an ankle sprain. Right ankle – it’s different than the other ankle sprain. We think it’s a low ankle sprain not a high ankle sprain. So, probably won’t play Saturday, probably won’t play Tuesday, we’ll see. Which is good news. With that said, I thought defensively we were really good. [Ohio] scared me, they were averaging 80 a game, they’re hard to guard. I thought we were really good, thought we got better as the game went on defensively. Our rim protection was great by our big guys and offensively – we were in and out of it offensively. When we were good, we were good. When we weren’t very good, we weren’t very good. We’re a work in progress, but if you would’ve told me we were going to win this game by 25 and everybody’s going to get in, I would’ve thought you were crazy. Really proud of the way our guys played.”

On Anthony Cowan Jr.’s pass-first tendency tonight:

“I think Anthony was terrific. I mean, 35 [Jordan Dartis] for them is one heck of a basketball player and he was 0-for-3 in the game. You couldn’t get a shot up. I went zone one possession and he got a shot, he just couldn’t wait to get Anthony off of him. So Anthony was terrific, first of all, defensively. But I think their game plan was not to let Anthony get to the rim. And so Anthony made all those decisions. I must have turned around to my assistants five times during the game, like, ‘Man, this kid is really getting good.’ He just keeps getting better and better, he’s reading situations, he threw two great lob passes to Bruno and he’s playing at a high level. He’s just concerned about winning and he’s concerned about being the best player he can be. When you get guys like that, then they usually just keep getting better.”

On if he feels the team plays better when Cowan plays like he did tonight:

“No, I thought he did a good job. I thought he shot open shots, he might’ve forced a couple, got 10 shots up. He just didn’t make them tonight. And he knew we didn’t need him [Laughing]. When we need him, he makes them. You know, he hits a couple of those threes, he’s got 18 points and seven assists. I love the way he’s learning from film, he’s getting better, he’s getting comfortable, he’s really playing at a high level.”

On Bruno Fernando’s ankle injury:

“Yeah, it wasn’t nearly as scary as the last ankle sprain – because his leg wrapped up underneath him. This one, he stepped on a guy’s foot. You could see it happening. Yeah, the thing that stinks the most is practice time. We’re actually going to have time to practice after Tuesday and that’s what hurts the most, and that’s what hurt him the most [after] the first ankle sprain. So I thought he was just starting to get a little bit more comfortable. He just wasn’t right the whole night, he was tight the first time he went in, it was affecting the way he was thinking a little bit. The worst part is just that he won’t be able to practice.”

On Michal Cekovsky’s performance:

“Yeah it is. I don’t know how many blocked shots he had, two, he affected some other ones. So he was really good. I guess how calm he was…and the game was in going in slow motion for him. That was the best part. You know Ceko likes to speed up a little bit over the years, and he just was so calm out there. Yeah, he looked really good. Happy for him. He’s been working hard and it’s good to see him have a night like this. It’s been hard for me to play my big guys because we’ve played so many small teams, and this team was another one. And so whenever my big guys can play well, I’m really happy for them.”

On if Fernando’s absence will present opportunities for players like Sean Obi:

“Yeah. Sean did great with his minutes tonight, Sean will get some minutes. I think we won a lot of games with Ivan Bender at the five last year. So Ivan can get some more minutes too, which he deserves. And I don’t know anything about Gardner-Webb and I’m sure Catholic didn’t have a lot of 7-footers running around so [there will] be a lot of little guys out there. We’ll see, but yeah, it’s an opportunity for people. I thought that the guys handled those opportunities tonight really well.”

On the importance of getting to a fast start:

“Yeah, it was good. The last two games we’ve started really well – which we’ve talked to. We really talked about playing 40 minutes tonight. We didn’t play 40 but we’re getting closer. Defensively, we probably played 34 minutes pretty well for us, and then offense, we were probably around 28, 29, 30. So we’re getting closer, and that’s really, that’s pretty good. That was a pretty dominating performance except for the T.O.s. Just happy. We’re getting better, guys. Getting better.”

Michal Cekovsky

On his play:

“Definitely feels good. I mean it was our plan, like we talked before the game. So I think we followed just the game plan”

On Bruno’s injury:

“Bruno is a tough guy so I think he’s going to recover We have great ones on the bench..I think we’re fine”

On having a similar ankle injury and seeing someone else go down:

“I mean, like you say, it’s never good to see your teammate or anyone get injured. You know so I was just right there to help if he needs....cause I’m a big guy.”

Anthony Cowan

On defensive efforts:

“But I think we really picked it up on defense in the second half as well. I’m happy how we won tonight”

On the turnovers:

“I try to contribute in multiple ways, as many ways as I can, in any way my team needs me to. Honestly, I don’t want the turnover that high but it’ll happen so I keep getting better at that”

On if  the team better when you are when you’re facilitating and the his priority of scoring:

“Yeah I think the team is best when I’m really just running the team. I think scoring definitely comes in either second or third.I think running the team is most important and that’s what coach wants me to do. Do the most and just be a leader on the floor and I think that’s what I did tonight.”

On what Turgeon  wants from a point guard :

“He wants to the run the team. He wants to be vocal as vocal as possible. He wants me making the right play on the offensive end. He wants me getting open and getting the ball. I tried  to do that tonight. I tried to make the right read.”

Kevin Huerter

On the play of Anthony Cowan:

“I think just Anthony being unselfish and taking what the defense gives you. It seemed like today they really packed the pain on him. they were all collapsing on him and kicking out.. We missed a couple shots including myself we could have gotten more assists. But, that’s just Anthony being unselfish. He could have shot and scored 20 every game.”

On involving Michal Cekovsky:  

“It was really important and I don’t think we’be utilizes the past couple of games and that is our bigs. In the last couple of games, it was simply looking for him and running plays, getting him a post touch because a lot of the we’ve sized advantages and strength advantages, especially with Bruno, Sean and Ceko. That was a big emphasis we worked on yesterday. We scrimmages for like 10 minutes yesterday in practice with two big lineups and we just wanted the post the ball because that’s something we’re going to utilize next game and Ceko played great on the post he was patient, had his legs when he needed to. He rebounded for us and he played a big game.”