Quotes: Maryland 75, Purdue 80

Maryland Athletics
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Mark Turgeon 

Opening Statement:

“I thought Purdue was really good. [Isaac] Haas and [Dakota] Mathias were terrific, their execution was terrific. We weren’t ready to play – we weren’t ready defensively to play in the game. The speed of the game, on that end, the way they ran their offense was too much for us. And then Haas was terrific at the start and we just kind of dug ourselves a hole. They’re just much further along than we are. They had a summer tour for about a month and it showed. They were terrific. They have four seniors – guys have played a lot of minutes for them, won a lot of games for them. They deserved to win. With that said, my guys battled. We shot 33 percent to their 51. My guys battled. We started to offensive rebound, kind of give us a chance, and we fought back like four times. To me it’s amazing that we had a shot to tie it at the end. It was just amazing – and we got a great look and that’s all you can ask. Proud of the effort, but we’ve got to play a little bit better. Happy with the turnovers. I know everybody keeps asking me that… so we had seven tonight. Happy with that.”

On the challenge of having players take open shots despite the fact they aren’t shooting well:

“Yeah we’ve got a lot to learn. We’ve just got to watch film and just keep coaching. We rushed a few shots out there; there was a few guys that rushed a few. Just got to keep coaching them and keep trying to get better and understand situations better.”

On where specifically he thought Purdue was further along:

“Well their execution is so good. They’ve got their February playbook in already. I mean they got a lot of plays in. It’s hard for a normal team to have that many in. And they’ve got a veteran team too. They were just much further along and they executed at a really high level. They’re well coached. We just weren’t ready at the start and just dropped behind. But I love the way we finished the half, love the way we started the second half, and I loved the way we battled. But they’re further along than we are at this point.”

On the reason for having less play off the bench:

“I don’t know. I think I played guys more tonight than I did the other night at Syracuse. I played Jared [Nickens] and Dion [Wiley] more. I thought Jared gave us good minutes, I thought Dion defensively was better. Anthony [Cowan Jr.] and Kevin [Huerter] are hard to take off the floor. They’re really hard to take off, they do so many things. I thought Anthony was phenomenal tonight – five assists, 20 points, no turnovers, guarded – he was really good.”

On what he saw that forced the technical foul:

“I just thought we got elbowed. That’s the whole thing I was arguing with.”

On what the plan was for the final possession with a shot to tie:

“Well, it’s funny because I go, I said, ‘Kevin I want to run it.’ I said, ‘I’m going to run it for you.’ And he’s like, ‘they’re going to know it’s coming to me, Coach. Run it for Jared.’ And Jared was two for three at the time – Jared’s hit a lot of big shots in his career for us. And got a wide open look. I don’t know if we would’ve got a wide open look if we ran it for Kevin. But there was a play before where we didn’t execute the play after a timeout. And we’ve worked on it in shoot around, we worked on it yesterday, and we didn’t execute it. And that’s the part we have to get better at.”

On the benefit of being in close end-of-game situations:

“I think all the experiences we’re going through are helping’ll help us.” 

Anthony Cowan Jr.

On his overall thoughts of the game:

“Coach Turgeon really fired us up at half time. They pressured the ball. That one is on us. We have to execute better. It is still early in the season so I think that is something we will get better at.”

On Purdue’s performance:

“It did feel like they had a lot more plays than us. They were a lot more efficient.”

On transitioning to being a leader of the team:

“It is kind of a transition but like I said, I think we are doing an okay job. It is different. Not having Melo [Trimble] on the court, even Damonte [Dodd] who was a senior who had been through, it makes it different and definitely a transition. It is just something that we have to do. I think that we like it this way and I think that we can only get better from here.”

Kevin Huerter

On tonight’s Big Ten opener:

“It felt like the Big Ten opener because our crowd made it feel like a Big Ten game. Coming off a really good team [Syracuse], and Syracuse being as good as any Big Ten team that we will play in the Big Ten the game didn't feel too weird.”

On the last play of the game:

“I thought that they would expect the play to be run for me. I don't know what Jared [Nickens] is shooting on the year from three but he is shooting very well. We have a lot of confidence in Jared. He makes a lot of shots in practice and in games. In that situation, we were using me as a decoy and he got an open shot. I told him after the game that ‘if we were to run that play again I would still have confidence in you to make it.’ I had no problem in the call and the execution that we had in the play.”

On Purdue’s performance:

“Their offense looked very good tonight. Coach Turgeon was saying that they played in the foreign tour over the summer so they had the opportunity to practice over the summer and that team had been together for a while. You could tell. They ran 30-40 different plays tonight and they all executed them really well. We didn't start off the game guarding how we are capable of doing. It seems to be a trend with us not starting off games on defense very well. I think we did a better job in the second half. They did not get as many open looks and they got the ball inside a little more especially when they needed baskets and they had broken plays. First half we didn't guard the way we should have.”