Quotes: Maryland 80, Bucknell 78

Maryland Athletics
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Mark Turgeon  

Opening Statement:

“We came off an emotional win the other night and I had a feeling that we’d come out flat, and we were. Bucknell was just terrific. I thought they made everything in the first half no matter what we tried. They responded. I didn’t coach very well in the first half. Our scouting report, preparing our guys, was not very good. And that’s on me. We just changed everything in the second half. We guarded everything much more aggressively, and that’s who we are. We changed our offense. Really something we haven’t practiced, to be honest with you, but it worked for us. I told the guys we had to hold them to 27 or less in the second half and we held them to 28, because they hit those two big threes in the last 13 seconds. Really proud of our guys. It’s not easy to win in college basketball and it was a really good win for us.”

Comparing Maryland defense between the first and second halves:

“We were just soft. So, our game plan was wrong.  We were so worried about [Zach] Thomas that we were afraid to switch. We had Anthony [Cowan Jr.] on the point guard because we thought we needed him to guard, but we didn't want to switch the ball screen because we didn’t want Anthony to switch onto number 23. So in the second half, with Darryl [Morsell’s] size we weren’t afraid to do that. Really that was the whole difference. Then we started switching every ball screen and doubling in the post because we didn’t like the matchups we had. They missed some shots for us because we sped them up a bit and then we were much better offensively. We made the right adjustments. I just didn’t know if we buried ourselves too far to come back. Sometimes you come back and then you run out of gas. We had some guys cramping up, like Darryl and Kevin [Huerter], but they’ll be fine. We made enough free throws down the stretch. Bruno [Fernando] was spectacular down the stretch. We made some adjustments and we responded. The crowd got into it and it was a good win.”

On rallying in the second half:

“I was just trying to play my best players. [Michal Cekovsky] didn’t play because he has the beginning stages of strep so he started antibiotics…I gave him a minute so he said he wanted to try. I was trying to play my best players and get the best matchups. When they went smaller in the second half I was able to play Ivan [Bender]. He’s got experience so I was able to play him.  We just made adjustments and they worked. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. And we just played harder. Those guys were good. For the most part we’re getting better.”

On learning from being down:

“Yeah, that’s a really good team though. They’ve had a hard schedule. So I think I learned how to coach them a little bit better. That will help us going forward when we get behind. That we know we can do some good things. We’ve had the lead in every game so its good, not great, to be behind if you figure something out. We made adjustments and they responded to it.”

On Justin Jackson hitting big shots down the stretch:

“I met with Justin before the game, we were watching film together. When you haven’t been scoring you’ve continued to rebound and defend. That’s a sign of maturity. And he was sitting on the bench and I just told him. ‘Justin, you have to go. Just do the best you can and go as hard as you can.’ And he made two big time plays. He hit the three and he got the offensive rebound plus putback, so he looked like Justin on those plays. Hopefully moving forward he’ll play with a bit more confidence.”

Freshman Forward Bruno Fernando  

On playing with Darryl:

“He was tremendous, I love playing with Darryl. I love what he brings to the team. Every time I talk to Darryl, I just tell him I know he’s a great offensive player and I just tell him, take it to the basket and I’ve got your back. I try to run right behind him and get a rebound if he misses, but I always take it to the basket to get a foul and score.”

On the difference in defense on the inside:

“I think in the first half, our bigs were a little soft in there. We let them catch, but we watched a lot of film on him and studied his game a lot to make sure he doesn’t catch deep and just tries to make a hoop shot and that’s the kind of adjustment we had to make in the second half, just keep them off the glass and out of the paint, make them catch a little farther so he doesn’t try to back you down and just passes the ball out. “

On getting one-on-one matchups:

“Obviously it gets me a lot better, but it also gets my team better. It just shows how much confidence they have on us the big guys. I’m able to get the ball down low because like I said before, if we don’t score the we’re gonna get it back to them for an open shot. Them passing the ball to us and us being able to make the plays down low just keeps us going as a team.”

Sophomore Guard Anthony Cowan Jr.

On the play of Morsel and Fernando:

“Darryl really changed the game, I think, when he came in, he’s a very intense player, so is Bruno, so when they’re both in the game, it kinda boosts everyone's spirits a little bit. It makes everyone play a little bit harder...Darryl and Bruno really picked us all up.”

On keeping momentum from Butler game:

“I think we’re trying to find ourselves but we’re just going to continue to play hard. Coach always talks about how this team is so hardworking, so that’s what we're going to do. Even though we didn’t play our best tonight, we’re just gonna practice and come back better.”

On composure at the free throw line:

“ That’s one thing I tried to do last year was to hit all my free throws, and I think I was 12 for 13 today. That’s been my thing is just getting to the line and getting people into foul trouble, so I’ll just keep doing that.”

Freshman Guard Darryl Morsell

On giving the team a boost in the second half:
“Yeah, I felt that as a team we need to spot. We were just down fifteen and we allowed fifty points in the first half. Coach Turgeon talked about getting a lot of stops in the second half so that was something I focused on.”

On not letting anyone in the way:
“I am a competitive individual and if I feel like I can make a play I’m going to try my best and make that play. Whatever it takes to win.”