Quotes: Maryland 79, Butler 65

Maryland Athletics
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Maryland Head Coach Mark Turgeon  

Opening Statement:

“Really proud of my team. That was a high level game and we played with great energy. We defended really well. Butler is a really good team. A really well-coached team and they were terrific in the first half. I thought defensively as the game went on we got stronger. We had a lot of guys individually play great defense. Whether it was our centers, Ceko and Bruno or Justin taking on a challenge on [Kelan] Martin. Anthony did a terrific job on [Kamar] Baldwin. It was a great team effort and I like our team. We have to get better in our half court offense, but we did a lot of great things. We had a great crowd tonight and it was a lot of fun.”

On how important Anthony Cowan was tonight:

“Man was he good tonight. 25 points, ten rebounds, five assists, and one turnover. He guarded like crazy and didn’t even look tired to me. I think he is really getting a feel of how to run the team. The shot of the game was when Anthony hit a three in a seven-point game from thirty feet. He was really good tonight.”

On how important the defense was tonight:

“It was terrific. This team feels right defensively and I think we are going to get better. Our bench will get deeper and it will rub off. We play so hard. It starts in practice and I have to stop practice because they get after it. It carries over to the game and I think that is where it starts for us.”

On if this one of the toughest Maryland teams under Mark Turgeon:

“We went out and added three tough guys in Bruno, Darryl, and Sean Obi. They make practice every day a little more physical. It just feels right to me. We have had some finesse teams in the past, but this team has potential to grow. We are much more physical and its nice to see. We are boxing out better, rebounding better, and guys are going after the ball. It’s good to see.”

On how Bruno affects this team offensively and with his energy:

“The energy is what he brings. Bruno was terrific. He will learn from his mistakes and get better. His energy and getting the crowd involved is great as well as his ability to block shots. Him and Ceko were great at protecting the rim all night. He can go up and get the lobs, which is fun to see. Each game he gets better in all phases. He will learn a lot from this film.”

Sophomore Guard Anthony Cowan Jr.

On taking big shots and squaring up:

“I had a three in the first half, and that felt pretty good. It goes down to the last second and then I decided to shoot it, so hopefully they're not all like that. Coach always wants me to drive the ball a lot of the time but when I come down and there’s two seconds left, I’ve gotta shoot it, so it kinda takes more pressure off. Like I said I’m just happy I made one tonight.”

On taking things into his own hands during his big 3 pointer:

“I felt good, I wasn’t really tired, I saw the timer going down slowly. Butler did a really good job compacting the lane and I thought that I was far enough, so I thought, why not shoot?”

On taking taking control of the offense with players in foul trouble:

“I think there was a change at some point in the game. I think we really focused in good on defense, I think Darryl Morsell had a great game in terms of defensive end as well as offensive end when he scored. I think it was really just a great team win. I just looked at the stats and it looks like everyone really contributed on different sides of the ball.”

On team defense overall:

“Coach Turgeon really keyed in on that, on team defense, and we’ve been looking really good on that in practice, so I was ready to see how we’d be when we get some good competition. I’m happy how it turned out

Freshman Guard Darryl Morsell

On taking advantage on offense:

“Coach Turgeon wanted us to attack, I think we came out, we executed our plays, got into the lane, got shots we wanted, we were just hitting tonight. Dion making shots, Kevin making shots, Ceko running the floor catching long  passes, we were all just dialed in.”

On his defensive play:

“That’s just something I pride myself in, coming into the game, I knew he was a good player, Coach Turgeon told me before the game I was gonna match up on him, and that's the reason he brought me in for my toughness. It’s just something I pride myself in.”

On his relationship with Anthony Cowan Jr:

“ We just motivate each other, we’ve got a great bond, we know what makes each other tick, whether it's saying something bad, or picking each other up when we're down, we know we have a great relationship, so we know what gets each other going. When we see each other slacking, we pick ‘em up.”

Freshman Forward Bruno Fernando

On limiting Butler to 34 percent shooting:

"I think our defense is something we take a lot of pride in. We work so hard on our defense every single day and Coach Turgeon definitely makes sure that everybody is putting in 100 percent, their full potential. It's something that's important when the game is on the court, when we just step out there and we know we're a great defensive team. We've just got to keep it going and play every day the way we do."

On sophomore guard Anthony Cowan:

"I mean, I love playing with Anthony. I love playing with everybody. Our guards do a great job of getting to the boards and it's something we've been talking about a lot. We've got to box out to make sure our guards go to the boards and get the ball. So I think it's something we've also been working on a lot during the practices. Like I said, I love playing with Anthony and those guys. Him getting 10 rebounds and 25 points or something - we're all proud of him. Hopefully he keeps doing that throughout the season."