Quotes: Maryland 96, UMES 43

Maryland Athletics
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Mark Turgeon  

Opening Statement:

 “First of all, Bobby has done a great job with their program. Tonight they were without three starters I believe and then maybe even a fourth guy. They had to play lineups I’m sure they’ve never practiced with because they got into foul trouble. I feel for them and hope they get healthy. I do think they have good players and will be good down the road.

As far as that goes I was really proud of our guys to keep concentrating and doing the right things. We were able to share the minutes. I started a big lineup, which probably wasn’t very smart on my part. Then we went small and started to look better. I went back to the big lineup late and we were better in it. We did a lot of things well. We were good against the zone. We were good against man. We shared the ball. We rebounded the ball. Dion [Wiley] and Jarod [Nickens] made shots. We were 2-14 the other night so it’s good to make some shots. If I’m going to be picky about something it has to be free throws. We did the other night, but we didn’t tonight. We continued to dominate on the boards and should in that game, but Sean Obi did a great job giving us a lift in the second half. Took care of business and did what we had to do. I think we got better which is what we needed to do.”

On the team’s defense:

We’ve practiced so hard and I think it’s carried over into our games. I think we really locked in about the 10-minute mark of the first half and the 14-minute mark of the second half we really locked in defensively and guarded. When you have depth you can do that. They were just trying to use clock and so it put pressure on their offense to score late in the shot clock. I was proud of that. We could have easily looked at the scoreboard and stopped doing that, but we didn’t, we continued play hard and share the ball and play the right way. Shot good shots, shared the ball, defended, talked over screens, so it’s encouraging. I think this team’s got really nice and we can go a lot of directions. The hardest thing for me right now is getting guys enough minutes.”

On experimenting with lineups:

“I am trying to figure it out and every night is going to be different since different guys will play well. If you only have four or give good players and they’re not playing well you’re in trouble. If I have a couple guys who aren’t playing well I can sub someone in. We have a lot of choices which helps. We are trying to do some things. I wanted Bruno [Fernando] to get a start just to see what it would be like and it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but no he’s got a start under his belt and will help him. We are trying somethings. I played Bruno and Sean Obi together in the second half which we haven’t done a lot in practice. I thought they were better in the second half together.”

On Anthony Cowan Jr.’s rebounding:

“He’s worked on it. The point guard never really has someone to box out because the point guard is always getting back on defense. So Anthony’s just going and rebounding, which he should do. If you’ve watched my teams over the years, starting way back at Jacksonville State and my JV team at Kansas, my point guard was always a big rebounder for us. Melo [Trimble] had some good games doing it for us. That was great to see, I think he ended up with nine. They shoot a lot of threes so both games I’ve said a guard should lead us in rebounding. Justin [Jackson] led us in the first game and Anthony led us today with nine.”

On Bruno Fernando’s role:

“He’s going to learn a lot from film. I think he learned today since we watched a lot of film before the game. I’m going to have play big lineups since there’s a lot of big teams in our league. So we’ll get used to it a lot more in practice. WE play big lineups against each other. I think we’re prepared to go either direction. Unfortunately for us we’ve played a couple teams who have big guys that can shoot. It makes it a little more difficult on us.”

On Dion Wiley:

“Dion’s a good player. He was a top-50 player coming out of high school, he’s just had tough breaks. He’s healthy, he’s been healthy. He’s missed three or four days with an ankle sprain and I do think he’s confident now. I’ve challenged him to be better defensively than he was in the first game and I think he did that. For us to be the team defensively that I want us to be he has to do more than just score. He has to rebound and defend for us. He’s a good player. I’m happy for him. We sat down before we tipped it off and I said the past two years haven’t been very fun, but you’ll remember these last two years more than any of them, so let’s make the most of them. He’s off to a good start.”

On Anthony Cowan Jr.’s pace:

“He’s really playing well. He’s defending well and getting some steals out there. He’s rebounding. Of course I’m teasing him for having zero assists and I’m telling him that never happened when I played, which I’m sure it did. But no, he’s playing great with everything he’s doing. And he’s really an extension of me as far as what calls we want to play and how we want to run. He’s been good. A great start to the season for him.”

Jared Nickens

On building off of today’s win:

“Yeah, I hope to build off of every game. I just have to stay consistent in the gym and practice hard.”

On a more fast-paced game:

“Yeah, I feel the same way, we had guards like Anthony and Darryl, pushing the tempo like that and we’re a really good team in transition, so that provides us a lot of good opportunities.”

On being a small forward:

“Yeah, I like it. Just going to do what coach wants me to do and with our offense going small we have a lot of different options. It’s always good to go small for us. I’m used to it. I played a little last year and I’m teaching Justin a little bit this year. We switch back and forth. There’s so many different options.”

On shooting this year and last year:

“I always feel like I get shots. Everyone goes through ups and downs. I stayed in the gym this summer to be the best player I can be.”

On Dion:

“Yeah, he’s been through a lot and seeing him get back to this point is very pleasing.”

Anthony Cowan Jr.

On how the team is feeling at the moment:

“I think the whole team is looking really good right now. I think we’re really gelling. These last couple of games, you could really notice that we’ve now been playing with each other for a year. Of course, we added Darryl [Morsell] and Bruno [Fernando]. But, you can tell that we have a year under our belt. We’ve just been playing really good basketball so far.”

On the team’s physicality:

“Thankfully, Coach [Turgeon] brought in a lot of physical players, such as Sean [Obi], Bruno [Fernando], and Darryl [Morsell]. Last year, we struggled a bit on the boards. I think we’ve been killing the boards these past two games. It’s not just Sean [Obi] and the big guys. Our whole team is becoming a lot more physical.”

On pushing the pace:

“I think having the year under my belt is really helping me. I’m playing with a lot more confidence now. Just knowing what Coach [Turgeon] wants is very helpful.”

On having eight rebounds in the first half:

“My teammates did a really good job of boxing out tonight. The rebounds fell in my hands. Then, I was able to push the break. We’ve been a lot faster. Kevin [Huerter] has been pushing the ball well. Justin [Jackson] is starting to push the ball well. That makes us a much faster team. Hopefully, we can continue to do that.”

Dion Wiley

On starting the season on a good note:

“It feels great. You know that I’ve been hurt the past few years. So, it just feels great to get back into action.”

On his conversation with Coach Turgeon before the game:

“He told me to stay confident and shoot more. But, he’s most concerned about me defending and rebounding. If I just focus on that, the threes will come.”

On putting the past two years behind him:

“It’s really important. I think those two years held me back a little bit. These next two years can actually mold my college career.”

On hitting his first shot of the game in back to back games:

“I think it’s a confidence booster. Missing shots doesn’t feel good. Making my first shot definitely gives me a little more confidence for the rest of the game.”  

On Anthony Cowan’s development:

“I think he’s running the offense really well. He’s doing a great job of passing the ball and finding his teammates. He’s scoring well in transition. I think this is the best basketball that he has played.”