Maryland Athletics
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 Priority point system

Your generosity and support of Maryland Athletics is measured by an objective priority point system. Terpoints reward donors for current annual gift, lifetime giving (including capital campaign gifts and irrevocable planned gifts), consecutive years of donation, new donor referrals and season ticket holder status. A donor’s total number of Terpoints determines his/her Terpoint priority within the Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund.

 Calculating your Terpoints

Current Gifts (Scholarship & Unrestricted) 8 points per $100
Cumulative Gifts (Scholarship & Restricted) 4 points per $100
Restricted and Sport Specific 4 points per $100
Consecutive Years of Donating 1 1-10 years: 8 points per year
11-20 years: 12 points per year
21-30 years: 16 points per year
Over 31 years: 20 points per year
Donation Referrals 4 points per $100 2
Deferred Gifts 2 points per $100 3
Years as a Season Ticket Holder for Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball and/or Football 6 points per sport per season per year 4
  Equals = Your Total Terpoints

If you skip a year of donating, your consecutive years of giving to the Terrapin Club drops back to one (1) year when you rejoin.Your gift to the Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund stays “current” for one year (365 days) from the day that we process your gift. While it is current, you are awarded 8 points per $100 for that gift. The day after that year time frame is up (on the 366th day), your gift moves to the cumulative category, therefore, being awarded 4 points per $100. Any historical giving is part of your cumulative or lifetime giving to the TCSF.

2 Based on initial gift of referred donor.

3 Terpoints for irrevocable deferred gifts are based on the Net Present Value of the irrevocable deferred gift.

4 Six (6) Terpoints are awarded for each sport season that the donor both purchased season tickets and was an active donor of the Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund.