Sports Medicine Services

Maryland Athletics
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The University of Maryland Sports Medicine Services is a coordinated multidisciplinary health care team providing comprehensive care for our the students participating in intercollegiate athletics led by Head Team Physician Dr. Valerie Cothran of the Maryland School of Medicine, along with Director of Athletic Training Services, Steve Nordwall.

Primary care sports medicine

Multiple primary care physicians and their sports medicine fellows provide comprehensive health care services, injury evaluation and treatment plans, weekly onsite clinics and game coverage for all University of Maryland the students participating in intercollegiate athletics.

Orthopedic sports medicine

Multiple orthopedic physicians provide surgical care, injury assessments, weekly onsite clinics and attend competitions.

athletic training

Eighteen (18) Licensed Athletic Trainers provide day-to-day health care to all intercollegiate student-athletes including injury prevention programs, injury management, rehabilitation, follow up treatment, and provide onsite coverage for intercollegiate sports practices and games.


The Sports Nutrition staff are Certified Specialists in Sports Dietetics delivering a comprehensive approach for providing the intercollegiate student-athletes with healthy food and hydration options through nutritional assessment, consultation, meal planning, and education to assist each student with their nutritional needs to compete and succeed at the highest level of intercollegiate athletics.

physical therapy

Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers support all the intercollegiate student-athletes by providing rehabilitation, post-operative care, corrective exercise, pain management and follow-up treatment.


The University of Maryland Sports Medicine team is joined by Chiropractors who are available weekly. Services include restoring function, reducing pain, and improving movement through soft tissue and manual therapy techniques that leads to injury resolution and improves performance.

sports psychology

Sport Psychologists work within a multidisciplinary sports medicine team providing clinical care services to Maryland students to foster mental health and well-being, promote success in educational and athletic goals, and contribute to a safe, welcoming, and multi-cultural campus community.