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 game day parking for maryland athletics

Availability, quantity and location of tickets and parking for Maryland football and men’s basketball home games are based on Terpoint priority points and donor giving levels — see season tickets and parking information on the TC Benefits Chart. Parking lots assignments are not guaranteed to be the same from year-to-year.

You must purchase season tickets to be eligible for parking benefits — One permit for every four tickets purchased.

 football parking

Q: How will the parking landscape change for the 2017 football season?
A: With the loss of parking space in the current footprint of Lot Z, all of the areas in the proximity of Lot 1 which includes Z, 1b, 1d, 3, and 3a will now be numbered parking spaces.  There will no longer be any more unnumbered first-come, first-serve spacesx in Lot 1. 

Lots O1 and O3 near the Architecture Building will be added as Terrapin Club season permit lots.  An updated parking map will be available by the end of January.   

In addition to the parking space changes, landscape tailgating areas are being explored as an alternative for fans on football game days.  More information will be available in the spring of 2017.

Q: What will be the process for assigning parking spaces for the 2017 football season?
A: Football season ticket holders will select parking for the 2017 season in Terpoint priority order.  The donor with the highest rank will choose first and the process will continue in rank order. 

Season ticket holders who do not donate to the Terrapin Club will select after the completion of all donors with Terpoints.  Non-donor parking will be based on season ticket holder longevity.

Football Season Ticket holders will have the opportunity to select parking in one of two ways:

  • Online at a set appointment time
  • Over the phone during their appointment time


Q: How will parking be applied when I receive my football season ticket renewal notice?
A: Season ticket holders will receive a renewal form in January allowing them to purchase one parking space per every four season tickets that they purchase.  For example, season ticket holders who purchase 1-4 tickets can purchase one (1) parking pass, 5-8 season tickets two (2) passes, and so on. The form will not have a specific parking lot as that will be determined with the selection process.

In years past, I have purchased more spaces than the allotted one per four season tickets.   What will happen with those spaces?

With the loss of parking space, season ticket holders will only be able to pay for and select one space per every four season tickets that they own.  If there are spaces remaining after the parking selection process is complete, season ticket holders will be allowed to purchase additional spaces in any of the non-numbered lots.

Q: What type of donation would I need to make in order to obtain a numbered parking space?
A: In order to qualify for a numbered parking space, you would need to donate to the Terrapin Club at a minimum giving level of $650.  The donation deadline will be May 1, 2017.  This does not guarantee a numbered space as that will be determined by demand.  The numbered areas include Lots Z, 1b, 1d, 3, 3a, and Stadium Drive Garage South.

Q: Will there be a limit on how many numbered spaces I can purchase? 
A: Yes, there will be a limit of four numbered spaces.  If a season ticket holder owns more than 16 tickets, the additional parking will be located in a non-numbered lot.

Q: If I am unable to donate $650 to qualify for a numbered space, where are my options for parking?
A: There are many options for donors who do not qualify for a numbered space.  The non-numbered lots available will be O1, O3, 9b, 9c, XX1, UU, 4b, 11b, 4j, Regents Drive Garage, and Terrapin Trail Garage.

Season ticket holders who do not donate to the Terrapin Club will qualify for Lots 4b, 11b, 4j, Regents Drive Garage and Terrapin Trail Garage.

There is a quick shuttle that runs from many of the parking lots on campus up to Lot Q near the north end of Maryland Stadium.  To view all of the areas where the quick shuttle runs, please visit HERE.

Q: I have tailgated and parked with the same people for a number of years.  How do I park next to my group?
A: Donors who wish to park together must request in advance to have their parking selection appointment set at the same time and then may choose their parking together. The group’s appointment time will be assigned based upon the lowest Terpoint total of all the group members. The group must submit the group request no later than April 24, 2017. To complete the group parking selection time request form please visit HERE.

Q: What will happen if all of the numbered spaces do not sell out to donors who meet the minimum qualifications?
A: In any given year, if all of the numbered spaces do not sell out we will provide an opportunity for other donors to fill those spaces.  This will be done in Terpoint priority order and eligible donors will be notified after the season renewal deadline each year.  These spaces will not be guaranteed from year-to-year.

Q: Once the parking selection is complete for 2017, will there be another adjustment in the future or can I keep my same space from year-to-year?
A: There is not a current plan for a reoccurring parking adjustment from year-to-year.   Future construction projects may result in the loss of additional space and would be communicated at least a year in advance for any alterations to the current plans and landscape of football parking.

Q: What would I need to donate in future years in order to maintain or improve my parking location?
A: You must donate at the minimum annual requirement to qualify for parking.  If you increase your gift to the Terrapin Cub in the future, it would give you the best opportunity to improve your parking location.  There will be an opportunity from year-to-year to upgrade your parking based on attrition and demand.  The upgrade process will be done in Terpoint priority order.

Q: How will my parking be affected if I reduce my annual contribution to the Terrapin Club beyond 2017?
A: If you reduce your giving level below the minimum thresholds, your parking is subject to being moved on a year-to-year basis.  The movement of your space will be determined by demand and Terpoint priority.

Q: What if I can no longer donate to Terrapin Club and I discontinue my annual contribution?
A: If you discontinue your annual contribution to the Terrapin Club, your parking will be moved to one of the lots designated for non-donors.   These lots are 4b, 4j, 11b, Regents Drive Garage, or Terrapin Trail Garage.

Q: If I require handicap accessible parking, what will my options be?
A: Season ticket holders who need accessible parking will be able to select in the Stadium Drive Garage.  If you have a MVA form on file with the ticket office and are currently in Stadium Drive Garage you will be automatically eligible to select in the garage based on priority.  For any new or existing season ticket holder who needs access to handicap parking, an MVA form must be completed and sent to the ticket office by May 1.

Q: If I am a Coaches Club, Top Terp, or Director’s Circle donor, will I still receive complimentary spaces?
A: Yes, the benefits for receiving complimentary spaces will not change.  Complimentary passes will count against the one per every four season tickets purchased.  Please see the chart below for more information:

Level 1-4 Tickets 5-8 Tickets 9-12 Tickets 13-16 Tickets
Coaches Club 1 comp 1 purchase 2 purchase 3 purchase
Top Terp 1 comp 2 comps 1 purchase 2 purchase
Director’s Circle 1 comp 2 comps 3 comps 1 purchase

Q: If I am a Suite holder, how will my parking be assigned?
A: Suite holders will select parking in Terpoint priority rank order.  The number of spaces allowed will be determined by the suite holder contract.  The suite holder will be able to select up to four numbered spaces with any additional spaces allowed in either Stadium Drive Garage or Union Lane Garage.

Q: How will Life Members be affected by the Parking Adjustment?
A: Along with all other Terpoint donors, specific parking selection times for Life Members will be in Terpoint ranking order.  

Life Members will continue to receive their complimentary parking and will not be required to make an annual contribution, although nearly fifty percent of Life Members voluntarily do make an additional annual contribution to support our student athlete scholarships.  Life members who do not donate to the Terrapin Club will have access to select a numbered space in either an outdoor surface lot or in Stadium Drive Garage.  

Q: I am a UMD alumnus under the age of 30. How will the Parking Adjustment affect me?
A: Parking selections for Young Alumni will be determined by priority points and will follow the same qualifications with the minimum donation of $650 for a numbered space.  Young alums who want to select a non-numbered lot will be required to donate at their normal rate of $65.

Q: If I become a new season ticket holder prior to May 1, how will my parking be assigned?
A: Whether a Terrapin Club donor qualifies for parking as a new or existing customer, all donors will have the opportunity to select their parking based on their Terpoint priority ranking.  If the new season ticket holder does not donate to the Terrapin Club, they will select by order date of season tickets.

Q: Will I be told how many Terpoints I will need to have in order to maintain or improve my parking?
A: On any given day, we can tell you what it would take to move from one priority rank to another, but that figure is only accurate for that moment in time, since one’s Terpoint ranking is relative to gifts and donor referrals that other Terrapin Club donors might make. What we can do is give you the point total of the area you would like to park in as it stands today.  This is not a guarantee, but a guide.

Q: Do I have to pay for my season tickets and parking in advance of my selection?
A: Yes, in order to participate in the parking selection process, you must commit to purchasing season tickets and parking by the renewal deadline of May 1. You can pay in full or take advantage of our payment plan options.

Q: How will parking be allocated if I have the same Terpoint total as another donor?
A: In this scenario, parking selection appointment times will be assigned based on the following priority.

  • First: Years of Donating to the Terrapin Club
  • Second: Lifetime Giving to the Terrapin Club
  • Third: Years of Purchasing Season Tickets
  • Fourth: Date of Your Season Ticket Purchase
 men's basketball parking

TC donors who purchase season tickets are eligible for basketball parking benefits. There is a charge of $5 per game per parking pass to replace a lost or stolen pass.

Parking Lot Eligible Giving Levels

Parking Lot

Eligible Giving Levels

4b Building Partners, Director’s Circle, Top Terp, Coaches Club
P1 Building Partners, Director’s Circle, Top Terp, Coaches Club
9b Building Partners, Director’s Circle, Top Terp, Coaches Club, Super Terp, Life Member
Terrapin Trail Garage Building Partners, Director’s Circle, Top Terp, Coaches Club, Super Terp, Diamondback, Life Member
9c Super Terp, Diamondback, Life Member
11c Super Terp, Life Member
11b Diamondback, Gold
Regents Drive Garage Gold, Silver 275, Silver (if available)

Accessible Parking 
Permits for TCSF donors with accessibility issues are assigned in Terrapin Trail Garage. Current, valid disability documentation (in Maryland, MVA form VR-210) must be submitted along with the parking permit order. A number of game day disabled parking spaces will be available in the garage. The cost is $15/game. On game days, disabled fans should follow signage and the direction of campus police in accessible spaces. 

 women's basketball parking

Parking for women’s basketball home games is free and open to all fans. Recommended lots are 4b are 9b located closest to the XFINITY Center’s entrances. Limited accessible parking is available and is first-come, first served.

 department of transportation information

DOTS Fraudulent/Altered Permit Policy
A “Fraudulent” permit refers to facsimile not officially produced or licensed by the University of Maryland, Department of Transportation Services, but that is presented as a valid parking permit. The production and use of these “permits” constitute an act of fraud. Most fraudulent permits are homemade replicas produced by individuals acting alone using scanners and color laser printers. The Department of Transportation Services actively searches for these permits car to car during sporting events and throughout the year. When identified, enforcement officers write a 7B violation for “Illegal display and/or receipt of permit or decal” and tow the vehicle to an impound lot. 7B violations carry a $300 fine and DOTS imposes an additional $100 tow fee to impound and release the vehicle.

View the Pregame and Postgame Quickbus Shuttle Route for Men’s Basketball Game Days

Maryland Department of Transportations Football Operational Summary