Maryland Football Alcohol Policies FAQ

Maryland Athletics
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Will alcohol be sold in concession areas in the student section or areas neighboring the designated student sections at Maryland Stadium? 
No, alcohol will not be sold in the designated student section or its neighboring sections. There will be designated concession areas around the concourse where alcohol will be sold.

At what point during the game will concessions stop selling alcohol?
All concession stands, as well as kiosks, will stop selling alcohol at the end of the third quarter. No exceptions will be permitted.

What is the price for alcohol in Byrd Stadium during football games?
The minimum price for all alcohol in Byrd Stadium will be $8.00

Is there a limit on the amount of drinks a person can purchase at a single time?
Yes, no individual will be allowed to purchase more than one drink at a time.

Will I need to show ID to purchase an alcoholic beverage?
Yes, all patrons who appear 40 and under will be required to show their ID and everyone 25 and under will be required to have their ID scanned.

Will vertical licenses be accepted?
No, all ID’s must be horizontal and issued by state or United States government in order to purchase alcohol.

Will ID scanners be on site where alcohol is being sold?
Yes, all alcoholic service locations will have at least one ID scanner to verify identification cards.

Are there any consequences for someone who misrepresents their age?
Yes, it is unlawful for any person to misrepresent their age for the purpose of obtaining alcoholic beverages. It is unlawful for any person to obtain alcoholic beverages for a person under 21.

Anyone found to be in violation of these laws will be immediately and permanently expelled from the facility and prosecuted in accordance with the law, and/or the code of student conduct. Any questionable IDs will be confiscated and turned over to the police.

Will there be a transportation program in place to help ensure the safety of patrons who are consuming alcohol?
Yes, there will be a Designated Driver Program. This program will include free water for the Designated Driver, with the opportunity to win prizes. The Designated Driver Program will have a specific tent located on the concourse. The University will also have Taxi and Uber programs posted as well.

Is there a No Re-Entry Policy at Football games?
Yes, for all football games at Maryland Stadium there is a No Re-Entry Policy. Patrons are free to leave at any point during the game. However, they will not be allowed re-admittance unless they purchase a new game ticket.